Top drop
(school of bartending and mixology)

Top Drop is India’s most progressive school of bartending and mixology. Each course is tailor made and comprehensive, made to groom the master beverage experts of the future. With all the vital ingredients necessary to attain essential knowledge, skills and techniques, Top Drop is your one stop solution to bar greatness. The modules are balanced between important theoretical knowledge on cocktail history, spirits, liqueurs, wine, beer and of course great cocktails. Not only that, we also conduct live practical workshops to give each student a real life perspective of working behind the bar, concocting classic and contemporary cocktails, teaching bar etiquette, management and fairing. Top Drop is affiliated to the Flair Bartenders Association, a worldwide body spanning over 140 countries with partnerships with some of the industry’s leading brands including SAB miller – the makers of Foster’s and Castle Lager.

Top Drop is unique as it introduces an international perspective to bartending and mixology. Using audio visual methods, we impart the knowledge of cocktail gurus like Gary Regan and Dale Degroff. We use material that is up to date with courses of the United Kingdom’s Bartender’s Guild (UKBG). We think global and act as per local market demands.

Who we are

Rahul Khanna
Rahul has varied experience behind bars all over the world. He has worked with the Mandarin Oriental hotel chain in London and Hong Kong, as well as working at the world’s only 7 star hotel, The Burj Al Arab, Dubai. He has moved back to India after 8 years, and has opened “slang - a lifestyle concepts company” that integrates hospitality, art and design ( Rahul holds a B.Sc. In International Hospitality Management from the Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland; considered to be the world’s best hospitality school.

Viju Raj
Viju has over 10 years of operational and managerial experience within the hospitality industry. He started his career with the Mariott hotel group before further gaining valuable experience with the Oberoi group. He was part of the pre opening team of the famed threesixty degree restaurant at the Oberoi, Delhi. He then took major management responsibilities at the Mosaic boutique hotel in Noida. He now runs his own beverage consultancy business called "XO beverages."


The course is broken into 4 modules:

Module 1. a beginner's guide to bars and bartending
Basic spirit classification and production methodology
(building a knowledge base)
History of cocktails
Essential bar equipment and bar preparatory guide
Examination and certificate

Module 2. to acquire intermediate level competencies in an international environment
Advanced Knowledge and history of global brands
Knowledge and history of classic and modern classic cocktails
Practical application of cocktail making and terminology
The enhanced role of a bartender
Creativity workshops
Examination and higher certificate

Module 3. acquiring contemporary tools and knowledge of mixology
The history of mixology
Infusion of spirits, making flavored sugar
Creating new tastes, learning how to free pour
Acquiring training skills
Reading the guest
Putting mixology at work creating a new drink
Examination and superior certificate

Module 4. becoming a multi dimensional beverage expert
Introduction to global wine knowledge
Control systems, security and sales techniques
Innovative menu planning techniques
Flairing and flaming course
Beverage costing workshop
Understanding market trends and business cycles
Supreme customer handling skills and bar management
Examination and Gold certificate
The entire course takes place thrice a week for two months.
Minimum qualification - 10+2 as well as a good level of the English language.
Evaluation technique - theoretical and practical examination
Certification - a series of certification is attained by the student upon completion of each module.
Placement assistance and internship positioning services

"If you aren't at the Top, you are nowhere!"


Que : Do I really need to appoint a professional to teach my staff bartending?
Ans : You may not, as each product has a different set of demands. But, at Top Drop we make you realize the potential of investing in your staff and how it impacts not just sales, but more importantly brand value and marketability. Also, you may have notices that your bartender would have learnt his craft from other, senior members from you team or from previous jobs. But this knowledge is often inadequate or too basic for a market that is ultra competitive and service driven. At Top Drop we make sure we are up to international standards and our aware of trends and market cycles.
Que : Why Top Drop? There are so many other bar schools out there…
Ans : Top Drop has been able to categorize itself as a specialized niche school that imparts the finest knowledge on beverages. The courses probe the history of popular brands; the chemistry of mixology, the importance of interaction; they make each student more aware of global bar culture among others.
More importantly, in India, a lot of importance is given purely on flair bartending – which is basically a juggling act and has nothing to do with knowledge. At Top Drop we go beyond this false showmanship to give our students real, in depth and exciting tools and skills to be bar specialists. Anybody can flair; only a master can make the right cocktail.
Que : Why do I need to train my staff?
Ans :

With hospitality professionals being poached by better paying service industries, the time has come for owners to understand the long term benefits of investing in people. Well trained, confident bartenders impact the bottom line. We make sure we groom each student so he leaves Top Drop with a new found level and belief to make a difference. That’s a fact.
Customers are smarter, better traveled and more demanding. If you expect loyalty – give quality. Top Drop delivers you that quality.

Que : I have done a degree/diploma in hospitality, is that not enough?
Ans : Sure you would have learnt and acquired various skills whilst at school. However, being a jack of all trades is no longer sought after in the job market. Employers are looking for specialized positions, niche players who are professional, knowledgeable and more importantly competent. At Top Drop we make sure you not only leant and retail the skill set necessary to become a master beverage manager but we also impart skills in you that help you train others.
Que : Why are we doing this?
Ans :

Top Drop intends to change the drinking culture, as in India, cocktails exist but cocktail culture does not. We can safely say that the best selling cocktail in the country is a Long Island Ice tea. It is a cocktail that requires no skill or training to make. It shows that our bartenders are pourers, not connoisseurs of a fine art that requires knowledge of spirit, herb and fruit. We therefore choose to bring in a new brand of beverage education that changes the vicious circle of untrained bartenders that make poor drinks and serve them to guests who deserve better.


Excerpts of our philosophy.

  • A cocktail is never sweet or sour – it is balanced.
  • Don’t ask you guest for a repeat drink – ask him if you can make him try something new and different.
  • You are not a bartender – you are an artist and a producer.
  • There is no end to learning and experimentation
  • In the west, bartenders are given as much respect as great chefs – because like chefs, bartenders and mixologists are able to balance flavours to create new tastes and experiences. That’s what we are bringing to India.